Frequently asked questions about my services

No, my focus is on websites, but I can also support you in other areas. Photography/Videography, Corporate Design and Branding. 

Before I get to the financial side, I would like to understand what your project is about, what your goals and visions are, and what added value I can offer the client.

I usually give a price range in the first meeting to see if it matches the client's expectations. 

I usually don't charge by hour, but on a fixed project budget. This way you know in advance what your costs will be and how much your investment will be. So you don't pay more or less - no matter how long it takes. However, it starts from 1200€ net for a simple website, e.g. for a restaurant.

Some underestimate that a website is an important marketing tool to radiate seriousness and above all professionalism. Thus, more guests are interested in your company - ergo the sales increase. Modern web presence is a fundamental building block for our digitalized times. It is 2021 and not 1992. Every customer informs himself in advance about your company and in this case you can score with an attractive website. Similar to a business card - the first impression counts. It is also important that the website meets all the conditions of the current web standard: For example, is your website optimized for mobile devices and does it contain a clear structure? This looks attractive to customers and also to Google, which is why you are rewarded with a higher ranking in the search engine. But also the design must not only look good, but also function. So, what are you waiting for?

You can't say that across the board, but on average about 1-4 weeks.

In principle, I work alone. In exceptional cases, I bring someone else on board.

Ready to start?

Oh yes, I know that. Formulating the right request can be hard. But that's why I have pre-written questions that you can easily answer that will sharpen your project idea.

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