Get more matches with unique High-End Photography for your Online Dating Profile.

Through my experience in fashion photography for international big brands, I am happy to accompany you in online dating photography to get better results.

Mihir Tindershooting
Mihir Tindershooting
Mihir Tindershooting

Hi, I'm Vasi
I'm your photographer,

What is included in the shooting?

3-6 hours photo shooting,
 no matter where you live

Coaching in body language
and facial expression

up to 9 outfit and
style changes possible

Selecting and retouching
the best photos

Become satisfied with your profile and results.

Tindershooting Match List

Why not an usual photographer?

Every Detail matters for dating photo:
Outfit, Styling, Location, Image Quality, Lighting, Perspective, Camera, Lens, Focal Length, Body Language, Facial Expressions, ...

Mihir Tindershooting Before and After

How it works.

Online Dating Photography is an important instrument to increase your match rate on Tinder, Bumble, Raya & Co. It is also important to take a stern look towards your profile. The profile picture needs to be the best it can be and give the best impression of yourself. The first seconds of your profile matter a lot and will decide if the person matches you or not.

I come to your city to photograph you.
Wherever you are.

New York. Los Angeles. Melbourne. Stockholm. Berlin. Barcelona. And more.
My Online Dating Photography service is worldwide.

I am highly experienced through my former job as a model scout.

Steigere den Erfolg deines Datinglebens schon ab nur 799€.

Level Up

  • 10 edited photos
  • 3 Outfitwechsel
  • Trained in body language
  • Expression coaching
  • Premium retouching
  • Duration: 1 week


  • 15 edited photos
  • 6 outfit changes
  • Fashion advisory
  • Trained in body language
  • Expression coaching
  • High-End retouching
  • Premium Support
  • Duration: 2-3 days


  • 25 edited photos
  • 9 outfit changes
  • Fashion advisory
  • Trained in body language
  • Expression coaching
  • photos pre-selection
  • High-End retouching
  • VIP Support
  • Duration: 2-3 days

Schedule a session now!

I would be glad to hear from you and help you to present your true and best self to the world.

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